Welcome to the Mash Barn Community Group (residents association) website!

We hope you will find this a great way of sharing what is happening within the ward of Mash Barn and keeping you up to date with the latest developments. It’s set up and run by residents who want to make a difference to the place they live (and/or work in) to ensure it’s a safe, vibrant community for everyone. We are proud of where we live and know we can make changes happen if we talk to each other and voice our concerns.

Feel free to share your views and also let us know of anything relevant to Mash Barn residents.

Please note all comments made must be respectful to others and not contain content with a view to causing offensive or upset to another person.

6 thoughts on “Home

    • Many thanks to Amanda,Russ for the photo and Frank.The Gallery looks a bit bare though.So come on all the photographers out there(and we know there are quite a few including some junior members) lets have some of your efforts to cheer up the website!

  1. i have two requests-
    does anyone have an filing Cabernet that they know long need that i can have or buy
    does anyone know of a good cleaner as i need someone once a week to clean my home.please either send a message here or on my facebook

  2. We’ve got our next MBCG meeting on Monday 13th May, 6.30-8pm at Lancing Tabernacle, North Road. There will be an update on the BHAFC development but it will be an agenda item and won’t be dominating the meeting due to residents having other issues and views to raise. Those on the estate who didn’t receive a flyer last time will be getting one in the next few days.
    Tomorrow night (7th) is the Adur Planning Meeting at Adur Civic Centre, Ham Road, Shoreham at 7pm. The decision on the three additional pitches for BHAFC will be on the agenda and also the application concerning the flats on Old Shoreham Road by the Manor roundabout so I’ll update residents once the outcomes are known.

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